Company Overview

With rare domain expertise and special tools, Airsoft is committed to provide cutting edge product services, to audit telecom expenditure, and to enable a unified, enterprise-wide effort to gain command and control over telecom expenditure.


Airsoft has a deep understanding of complex telecom expenditure and works in a collaborative manner with customers and advisors. As Team Airsoft listens and learns from different environments and challenges from each customer engagement, we refine existing processes, and build new ones, and embed them in to our IP. The accumulation of this knowledge and experience, embedded in to a flexible product service, creates a robust, feature-rich telecom life cycle management solution. The dynamic, functional and adaptable features and processes will lead to customer delight - it brings back lost money, lowers ongoing costs, improves productivity and saves time for our customers. We are especially proud of our excellent customer service and support.

Airsoft has received National Telecom Award 2012 for this innovation.