Today enterprises rely on an extensive network of voice, data and wireless services to conduct business. These services cost an enormous amount of money, equal to around 3-4% of revenue. Mountains of billing information about mobiles, land lines, data make it practically impossible to manually manage and thoroughly analyze complex billing scenarios with millions of rows of rate data. This Herculean task can discourage companies from seriously tackling their increasing telecom related expenses. Each day can bring heavy losses if no appropriate action is taken. “This is where Airsoft comes in” says KS Gill, Founder and CEO of Airsoft. “We are in business to ease the customer’s pain in managing and optimizing enterprise-wide telecommunications costs. We deliver dramatic Financial Impact – and surprise our customers - every time. Following ‘A penny saved is a penny earned’ adage, the vision is to transform Telecom Admin - from a routine pay bill function - to an independent profit center - with yearly targets, reviewed just like any other profit center in the company”. He adds “A success fee based model adds to its uniqueness!”

Airsoft leads a different kind of outsourcing – one that looks for gaps in current processes & solves them - the functions that are not being performed today. “It’s  a FINANCIAL ENDEAVOR, (not operations)” says Gill “where Airsoft solution acts like a powerful microscope to identify opportunities and visualize, analyze and minimize telecom expenses which is impossible otherwise.” It results in greater visibility into and control over all aspects of the telecom lifecycle, including automated procurement and order management, invoice processing and auditing, inventory management, mobile expense management, dispute management and reporting/analytics.

It is very exciting and gratifying when a concept turns in to a reality, gains recognition. A few years ago we started with a concept, starry eyes, and no money – you can guess the rest! This award gives us a fillip, and spreads awareness of TEM benefits which is crucial for growth of the eco system of our emerging industry”  says Sonia Manchanda, COO Airsoft. “Control over technology and practical day-to-day implementation expertise gives flexibility to the robust ‘production’ on ground. With a sound business plan and a turbo-charged team, we hope to find a place on the list year on year.”

* Vetted by Dion Global and Mazars and Award Jury Committee of 21 eminent members.