Girls in ICT

Sonia leads operations at Airsoft – a company that has been revolutionizing telecom management (B2B), helping enterprises to bring back lost profits and take back control of their telecom costs and assets. ‘Audit’ is a key component of Airsoft service portfolio which integrates with established back-end systems. Expansion of this unique man / machine telecom audit service to the individual (B2C) would be a new logical step.

Sonia was quick to spot the opportunity for a first ever cloud based automated mobile expense management in a B2C configuration, today named “Jago”. This provides the common man a recourse to (a) verify if indeed he is being charged correctly, and as per agreed plans; (b) analysis to cut through the clutter and confusion of heavily bundled / opaque tariff plans and get plan with least bill, as per his usage; (c) check for hidden charges or if he is billed for services he does not use or even require – delivering Hard Cash Savings!

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