A simple but powerful idea: organizations should have complete control over their mobile and fixed communications assets and costs, with the ability to administer their telecom infrastructure over the web.

Start of this venture with meager resources.



Development of the software tools combined with domain knowledge. Technology is a fast-moving target—and so is the business environment. Future-proofing; Carrier agnostic solution architecture; and scalability are key elements.

The processing of Carrier services invoices for ‘audit’ purposes brought in ‘Quick Wins’. But it also unlocked the power of data held in those invoices. The linking of this data to the vast amount of data available in other enterprise systems brought visibility down to the granular level, with striking savings! Faced with facts and figures our customers fully backed Airsoft’s leadership in action and response. That gave us the capability to build what we call ‘Whole Telecom Life Cycle management’. This include the automation of the different processes and the continuous auditing of rates and terms, billing, service inventory accuracy, market factors, spend and trend variances. All of this led to a different kind of out-sourcing.

Airsoft gets its first customer; delivers; and the business case is established.



We take telecom analytics to whole new level of accuracy, utility and insight. Our cradle to grave model with proprietary benchmarking measurements such as Pin-Point defective Data, Effective Cost Per Minute; Telecom Cost Per Employee, provide a sharply focused perspective on costs and performance.

The visibility with complete control of data exposed gaps in current processes & solve them - the functions that are not being performed or performed partially. Methodologies were built to streamline, and create the new functions needed to manage the full lifecycle - one component at a time, as they cleared the screening filters to prove the business case benefits, and established the intricate inter-linkages among them.



Customer delight achieved through service excellence. One very smart and responsive point of contact with Zero buck-passing was a turning point. One single enterprise wide data base with one single version of the truth - radically improved service levels – with consistently optimal performance throughout the telecom environment.

Our financial limitation becomes our strength – a frugal (but high quality) culture permits company growth through internal accruals.



We have travelled far beyond quick wins through audit services. Scope now covers every process that constitutes the telecom life cycle. We now have the expertise and the technology to drill deep down and address any problem at its root – and rise back to the surface - see it indeed stays fixed. The goal now is to deliver significant savings across the total cost of telecom, across all the components that constitute the telecom life cycle.

We are now contributing to the bottom line of company balance sheets, and close to our goal of converting telecom administration- from a cost center- to a profit center.


Integrating Technology, Analytics, Service and Economics – one unified process

With accumulated business acumen experience combined with technical expertise we are in a strong position to recommend solutions that are right for you now, and for transitioning in the future as needs and technologies change.


RFP – the key to forbidden doors!

Now we have a track record in using RFPs to go after the high-hanging fruit.

The current data helps you to understand if your current plan is competitive enough for your organization or you want to go for the RFP process or request other carriers for simple quotes.

Airsoft based knowledge helps clients to understand the market dynamics and be in a better position to make a decision if you’re going in for an RFP or not.


We are moving to “the cloud”

Our customers want the flexibility to manage environments and work collaboratively with via the web. And we are modifying technology to deliver securely online.

This will also help us to include the mid market, along with enterprise, at the table for our services. The fully outsourced model, the platinum meal plan – can be replaced with a buffet - pairing select managed services with web-based subscription. End users can access just what they need, when they need it, controlling cost while still allowing for adaptation over time as their environments change.

We continue to be funded through internal accruals and remain a debt-free company.


Project Jago

2013 will see the release of our 'Jago' series of product services. The project is in stealth but here is a pre-view.

Cloud Based Scalable Telecom Expenditure Control Solutions…maintains the Individual Liable (IL) environment and yet gives the enterprise a level of Control, a near-time CL (Company Liable) environment.