KS Gill

K S Gill

Experienced business leader with over thirty years of experience in multiple high technology sectors gained in introducing several products and services and supporting board-level investment and strategy decision-making.

In 2004, he spotted the business need for automating and simplifying telecom management and founded Airsoft to pioneer the Telecom Expenditure Management business in India. Patiently he went about building a team of analysts and developers, guiding them to put together the nuts and bolts for a comprehensive suite of products and services to help customers improve their bottom-line, and gain control of a complicated and moving expenditure. Airsoft is now a fast growing company fully funded by internal accruals.

Before Airsoft, Gill worked as a consultant, teaming up with leading international consulting companies supporting fixed and mobile operators in a variety of areas including their new technology investment strategy, business planning, product (tariff) profitability, revenue assurance, international, and regulatory lobbying. Gill also headed NERA Telecommunications, negotiating JV’s & tie up’s while conceptualizing daring applications for defense and rural communications, while soliciting support from a rigid regulatory regime. Gill’s early career was with HCL for 12 years where he swiftly rose to General Management level.

Gill has received a degree with honors in Economics from Government College, Punjab University, and enjoys playing polo.

Sonia Manchanda - Chief of Operations

Bred in to this domain as a young engineer, Sonia Manchanda jumped straight into the deep end - of the uncertainties of an industry yet to be discovered, and the early days of a startup with great ideas but little money to invest. The understanding of financial impact; the analytical capability; and belief in the vision was the winning combination to power Airsoft through its journey.

In 2007 the business need was to prove our Telecom Audit and earn revenue to survive. With qualities of a born leader with strong Team Building capability, Sonia assumed responsibility. With Strategic Planning she navigated initial projects through its analytics, to tactful carrier interactions - to actual refunds. With huge creditability today this is Airsoft’s Quick Wins program.

The Audit activity exposed other gaps in enterprise processes which led to another business opportunity. A solution to address lakhs of rupees wasted annually by enterprises not managing their telecom spends. Strong account management skills helped customer collaboration as she conceptualized and executed solutions to manage enterprise telecommunication in a uniform standardized manner, while bringing in automation. Executed incrementally, one process (or revenue stream) at a time, today this is Airsoft’s robust Whole Lifecycle Management program.

Sonia drives an ambitious business plan as Airsoft prepares to scale up and take the benefits of our solution internationally.