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Mission Statement
Airsoft will constantly evolve cutting edge business technology and services to empower customers to proactively optimize and continuously control their telecom expense.

Optimize Ahead.
  • Cost center - to a profit center!
  • Direct Financial Impact - on the bottom line!
  • Pay bill function - to an enterprise decision support system!

Welcome to Airsoft

Airsoft is a fast growing early stage telecom consulting company with a comprehensive understanding of the key issues faced in optimizing telecom spends. Our unique service is a mature blend of marketing and financial expertise.

Airsoft pioneers the Telecom Expenditure Management industry in India, creating financial and technical management tools to quickly apply experience to customer data in minute and exacting detail.

With the capability to compare each line item against extensive reference database, our unique pricing analysis tools easily demonstrate various scenarios/simulations, using a fact based method of determining the most beneficial negotiating strategy. The clarity gained from high quality analysis puts us in a powerful position to achieve our objectives.

The one single measure of success is Financial Impact which reflects directly on the bottom line of the balance sheet. Visibility and the control we put in our customer’s hands are collateral benefits. Routinely we save our customer’s up to 40% yearly by automating the management of voice, data, and wireless expenses.