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Products/ServicesExpense Management (Quick Wins) refers to ‘audit’ type activities to identify potential fraud, misuse, and billing errors and will lead to significant Financial Impact in a quick time frame. While Life Cycle management refer to management practices that apply to manage any recurring vendor services are the same across fields, and the same also applies for telecom services and infrastructure. In order to be successful you also have to understand what is being purchased. Airsoft will deploy solutions to solve these challenges through a number of procedures, including business process reforms.

The journey from Expense Management to LifeCycle represents an evolution over the pure expense management strategies we start with, and the difference provides strategic benefits. As the value of these benefits becomes clear, we go from an expense-only focus to a lifecycle-based focus, and take the approach to expand Telecom Management from pure direct costs to the total cost of ownership – and potentially multiply the total savings.

And there is a huge difference. While significant sums of hard cash are to be gained from audit; even more savings are to be gained from managing costs (automation, visibility, controls etc) - aligning them with the business and the marketplace. This will open up new and different Revenue streams.

While there is no strict compartmentalization in the activities (because they closely interlink and flow in to each other), Expense Management (audit) and Lifecycle Management (Audit + Management activities)are introduced to this concept more as a buzzword, only to facilitate step-by-step progression. In the end what matters is that we reach our goal - transform a ‘paying phone bills’ type activity to a multiple business support function giving command and control & enterprise-wide visibility.

Airsoft’s turnkey solutions will handle the entirety of this effort - without re-allocating or re-training current employees and resources.