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Cost Allocation

One way to reduce excessive consumption of mobile voice and data services is through improving visibility and accountability for expenses. In many cases employees never see the bill and they are completely unaware of their expenses for wireless services. Mobile assets and the expenses should be assigned and tracked to the employee that uses the device and their cost center. Links with access for web reporting can be e-mailed to managers and employees. The reports should highlight individual consumption and costs for use of mobile services.

Airsoft solution will allocate telecom costs to specific GL codes enabling reporting of costs by department, location, employee or any other variable you may need. It can store your accounting codes and then associate them with individual types of charges incurred by individual telecom inventory items, or tie them to an individual and their specific cost center as per your employee HR data. For example, the voice portion of a cell phone's charges could be set to allocate to one code, and the data portion to another. Or, the voice portion could be split by percentage over 5 codes. Granular telecom cost allocation will help your organization better understand where specific charges are originating.

This can cover a variety of telecom expense types:

  • Wireline costs - a phone sitting on a desk
  • Wireless costs - a cell phone plan or the device itself
  • Internet service - wireless data plans or home internet connections

Then, once the telecom data is processed, it can be interfaced with the client's Accounts Payable system so that the charges flow to the codes that are already setup.