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Invoice Processing

Multisite/decentralized deployments & invoice processing can hinder the need for control, visibility, and consistency. Multisite are difficult to manage because fractionalized groups are all focused on their own environments with varying capabilities, and a lack of standardization. This could lead to a disjointed invoice management process; making it difficult to get a holistic picture – and deny substantial savings potential.

Telecom invoices is one of the biggest pain points of telecom management. You know you should really look at each invoice - line by line, every single month - to make sure they are accurate. But really, who has the time and the special tools and the expertise?

Airsoft solves the problem in 2 ways. One, it eliminates / minimizes mountains of paper - electronically imports invoice data in the software. And two, a fast way to review invoices these to see if we have problems. Invoices can be shipped directly to us, and we will electronically read all the information into the DWH. The invoices will be available for viewing as a PDF at any time, and all the payment data will be attributed to the proper inventory items and cost centers. Then comes the fun part of audit and approval, which brings us to our second trick – automating the invoice review process. The software has variance tool. Most invoices should be the same, month in and month out, so when they aren’t, you know something has changed. Perhaps you were anticipating that, but perhaps not. Either way, if it is flagged for you, then you know to look. This can save you a lot of time, as you can choose to only look at items that need attention.