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The ever expanding/contracting enterprise creates a moving target that must reconcile with billing. High volumes in different service types (with complexity of options) must integrate service order activity with inventory which is constantly changing. As businesses add new locations, they move, and they close facilities. In addition, as staffing levels and communications needs change, services are discontinued, and new services are ordered. Multisite are difficult to manage because fractionalized groups are all focused on their own environments with varying capabilities, and a lack of standardization.

MACD service order activity creates a moving target that carriers must reconcile with billing. Knowing what you need, when you need it, and where it's going to come from is imperative to good Telecom Expenditure Management. Adding, changing and cancelling services is a big part of that. The trick is keeping track of everything so it's done right, on time and for a good price. An "electronic paper trail" of who did what, when as it relates to a given order. Having access to this data allows best practices for monitoring and follow-up on the order to ensure that it is completed timely and correctly by the carrier. You now have the ability to detect billing errors where previously there were no records to prove that a service disconnect request was submitted.

Managing the movement of voice or data lines from one location to another.

Providing service additions to existing voice and data lines. MACD management can oversee the addition of services to existing voice and data lines such as incremental IP addresses to a data circuit, additional features to voice lines, or even additional lines to an existing hunt group, effortlessly.

Providing changes to existing voice and data lines. We help change the services on existing voice and data lines.

Managing disconnections and deletions. We can manage the disconnections and deletions on any of your data or voice line, as well as any services that may run on those lines. We make any disconnections or cancellations as smartly as possible to reduce unnecessary expenses