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Invoices should be processed in the same manner and in the same system. Only then enterprises can benefit from consolidation/centralized processes/audit/visibility into telecom spend. The opportunity to streamline processing/management often translate to hard cash cost savings. In our experience companies who do not manage this properly, pay approximately 10-17 percent of their telecom expenses in error annually. Single types of invoice process have greater control of telecom costs and have an opportunity to better enforce and maintain governance.

For example, enterprises with a consolidated invoice process have the ability to see that invoices on a national scale are being paid on time, processed through the appropriate approval channels, and allocated to the proper groups, all in adherence with corporate policies. It also gives the ability to instantly run valuable reports that displays company’s national telecom infrastructure. For example, identify pain points and cost creep, leverage knowledge to negotiate better contracts, compare metrics in regions, and benchmarking to see how you stack up.