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Dedicated reporting that enable them to view bill amounts and detailed information among multiple dimensions. These dimensions may include departments, offices, locations, levels, types of products or services and, for top users, main destinations and routes and most popular services. Different users can have access to different reports. Exception reports can help identify the largest users of services. This is particularly useful in comparing usage patterns among employees in similar job roles.

Dashboard feature allows each user to select the information most useful to them, and have it accessible in a variety of visual formats. By clicking the image, it allows a deep dive into the report behind the graph so they can analyze and trends their group’s specific cost and usage.

The real value comes because data from all of the expense management functions together with information to manage policy governance, sourcing activities, and expense controls is integrated in one system - that allows you to look at it from many different angles. Look at inventory cross-referenced by user, cost center or account. See trending data by cost center, location, or inventory type, or various timeframes. The solution comes with almost thirty standard reports. We also design very specific custom reports, based on parameters you provide.

We can manage because we can measure.