Telecom Expenditure Management

Enterprise telecom can be a kingdom of confusion!

Mountains of billing information about mobiles, land lines, data make it practically impossible to manually manage (complex billing scenarios with millions of rows of rate data to analyze) and thoroughly analyze. The scope of this Herculean task can discourage companies from seriously tackling the staggering increase in telecom related expenses. Every day, in which no action is taken, savings may be forfeited.

This is where Airsoft comes in. By contracting out the management of their telecom services in a standardized, centralized way, businesses can optimize use, reduce costs as well as maximize benefits:

  • Immediate savings in telecom expenses
  • Elimination of administrative problems relating to the management of user service plans/options
  • Access to standard-industry expertise
  • Single-window office for better integrated management services

It’s a FINANCIAL ENDEAVOR, (not operations); Airsoft’s unique solution acts like a powerful microscope. It helps to identify opportunities and visualize, analyze and minimize a telecom expense which is difficult otherwise.

Who does it benefit; Multiple groups including Finance, IT, Procurement, Operations, Facilities Management, and HR handle some aspect of telecom expenses – but they rarely see the downstream impact of how their activities impact other groups. Telecom Expenditure consists has so many moving parts. How effectively each part is managed and how well the inter-linkages are understood and brought under control, will contribute significantly to success or failure. With Airsoft solution, heads of departments or regions will have the same information standards, and collaboration across different sections of the business will be possible. CFOs and CIOs are able to strategically pursue savings or productivity opportunities by intimately understanding costs and how they are distributed. Achieving the highest possible ROI requires full understanding of how much territory our service covers.

Airsoft solution facilitates a unified, enterprise-wide effort for control over the life cycle. The bits (or processes) that will make it happen are deployed by Airsoft – a special blend of knowledge of corporate finance, information technology, telecom services, service provider’s billing procedures, and internal processes. A strong discovery process – with focus on ROI.

In a nutshell, with Airsoft on your side, the question is no longer how much telecom expenses will amount to this year, but rather how much can you save on your operating budgets.