The Airsoft Solution

Turnkey offering will cover business process reforms and the financial and technical management tools to fully control your telecom environment. In a unique combination of man and machine, experts will quickly apply their knowledge to your data in minute and exacting detail, while special tools automatically compare it, line item by line item, against the extensive database of the individual customer.

The in-depth and comprehensive study into process, procedure, methodologies, and technologies, will look for gaps in current processes, and submit recommendations and best practice as per the environment, to actually solve them, and modify them as per feedback. After the client’s feedback we interface with Carrier to deploy the agreed changes, and with hard facts, leaving the carrier with little choice.

There is a major gap between carriers and the corporate world. Airsoft experts will fill this gap with their management skills and special tools. We manage your telecom infrastructure, employee requests, carrier invoices, refunds due and other activities in to an organized fashion. By automation we bring in operational efficiency and complete cost visibility. This visibility = savings. It’s that simple!

Ownership and Endorsement - Essential conditions for success

Having pioneered this practice in India, and with our many engagements, two essential conditions stand out to ensure success - Ownership and Endorsement. Once organizations recognize the problem they wish to address it as quickly as possible. Some will rely on their carriers to fix the problem (fox guarding the hen house syndrome) who might have no interest in doing it.

This project has the potential to be among the top cost saving initiatives in the company. It is crucial that the organization who wants to proceed with Airsoft should assign the project to a capable resource to champion of the project.

Ownership doesn’t stop at filling the blanks of provisioning and problem solving. It also includes the responsibility of budget performance, therefore invoice compliancy to guidelines and objectives. This really means that the owner of this project will directly and disproportionately impact on the bottom line of an organization. This ownership responsibility comes also with leadership liability to carry the project internally, to demonstrate the value to different stake holders internally (HR, Finance, IT, Admin) and executives buy-in for any business process changes. Reviews with Airsoft carried to upper management will ensure your project delivery an integral part of the company cost control success.

Management Endorsement is the second and also essential condition for a successful implementation. Management endorsement requires facts and figures – where company money is going; potential frauds/misuse, gaps in existing practices that is causing profits to leak etc. Management endorsement under a structured and robust corporate policy will enable the project champion with leadership in action and response.

Both above are necessary conditions. They go together and will clearly contribute to success in delivering results that counts on the bottom line.

Savings Assessment

We are serious – but how serious is this Telecom Expenditure Management? What percentage of your telecom spend is erroneous or could have been avoided?

While there’s no sugar coating this, a measure of how much money can be saved by managing telecom spend in a standardized, centralized, more accurate way, will help to determine the priority in aligning this critical IT/Telecom initiative with your high‐level financial goals for the organization.

Typically an engagement starts with data gathering. That is the basis for the background research to foretell Financial Impact - through defined analysis with established project boundaries. The assessment examines current state performance (expense, pricing, architecture, processes), and we begin to conservatively hypothesize attainable opportunities from recommended performance changes.

A formal documented statement of the potential minimum and maximum opportunity will follow receipt of full data and include a breakdown of the monetary value that efficiencies bring.

Strategy development sessions

Strategy development sessions with customers form an integral part of our solution. In collaboration with our client, and by applying our considerable experience in crafting telecom deals, and knowledge of how precisely how each carrier prices, negotiates and operates/refunds, we develop the winning strategy. By and large the overall framework to create compelling circumstances for the Carrier to agree to rectify the short comings remains the same – however the tactics may vary slightly as per the local conditions With the facts documented, we quickly apply our knowledge to eliminate the unnecessary noise and take a laser focused approach.

This gives a new level of power over the carriers to overcome their ‘controller’ nature.