The Business Problem

Enterprises waste lakhs of rupees annually by not managing their telecom spend. Management of these costs is a complex matter requiring sophisticated expertise and tools - traditional controls are not applicable.

'... enterprises not having properly trained professionals assuming this responsibility could be forfeiting at least $100,000 for every $1 million spent.' - Gartner Group 2000

  • Large Telecom bills (delivered in boxes or multiple CDs), difficult to read, and often not electronic
  • Carriers (multiple circles) do not have uniform formats for billing information
  • Billing verification performed by manual spot-checks discovers a small percentage of existing discrepancies and are slow (and thus expensive) and unreliable
  • A clutter and confusion of heavily bundled/opaque tariffs
  • Worsened by hidden elements and options and misleading advertisements
  • Paying unchecked sums for services customer does not need or even use, leading to service abuse/misuse
  • Technology, carriers offerings, and pricing changes is dynamic. A study done at start of the year may not apply at the end of the year
  • Tight budgets and high employee expectations
  • There is constant pressure to improve control over telecom expenditure and indeed initiatives are undertaken. But slim staff and lack of capability makes it a heavily paper based exercise
  • Enterprises may not even accurately know their telecom spend and as a result, costs with direct impact on the bottom-line do not draw the deserved level of management attention
  • Pressure to do more with less. Cost reduction has never been more important to a business
  • In-house is difficult to check illegitimate calls, or billing errors/optimize plans or services
  • Task of telecom audit is often delegated to employees who have neither the expertise nor the tools required to verify and validate telecom related expenses

Only a computerized solution supported by proper methodology answers the goal of drastic reduction and eventual elimination of billing discrepancies / over payment. This requires a proactive and more aggressive strategy.

Airsoft feeds into these issues and provides an end–to–end solution to reduce costs and to increase your control over all the moving parts - to quantify, in financial terms, the impact analysis of selected tariff plans--affecting in a fundamental way the future structure of optimising telecom costs.